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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ok, I feel compelled to answer the question about which has more calories, the Iced Sugar Free Grande Latte or the Frappachino Blended coffee (grande as well).

The Iced SF Latte has 110 calories and the Frapp has 430.

Just curious

Monday, August 17, 2009

Does anyone out there eat zucchini? When I was young, my father used to pick a huge a** zucchini out of our garden and slice it up (the slices were the size of saucers) and fry (or more PC saute) it in butter and we would eat the whole zucchini this way. Did anyone else ever do that? I am wondering if my dad was so poor he would have fed me anything and called it food!

HAHA! My dad would be laughing at that one! My dad was a single father in the 70's and we didn't have much of anything- except zucchini. I have some seriously groovy photos of those days, however I am not going to share them. Just picture a hand me down wearing, tall lanky underfed skinny girl, who seriously didn't fit in.

Isn't it amazing what comes into your mind when you are procrastinating doing something? I am staring down my Fiscal Year end "To Do" list (FY year end is 8-31-09) and feel like doing ANYTHING besides working on it. (Sorry Donna).

Did I ever tell you about that time I split my tongue down the middle and had to have stitches on my tongue? No lie- but I will save that for next time. Back to that to do list.
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