Bathroom Renovation

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So, I am VERY embarassed to show you my old bathroom. I cannot believe how NASTY it looks. My husband finally decided it was time to renovate and he started DEMOLITION this past January. Over the next few weeks, I wanted to share the process of our remodeling with you, I hope that you enjoy it!
A little history of my home. It was moved, yes that is right, moved. Up on stilts going down the street. It is a 1950 style ranch. There really isnt anything special about it, I mean from a structural or character standpoint. Just a plain old ranch home.
Ok, back to the renovation. Jay (my husband) decided to rip out the walls from where the wainscotting was down to the floor. There was just too much there to deal with, so we went for the fresh start. you can see if you look close that the fixtures were all blue. A really ugly baby blue. Blue tub, blue toilet, blue sink, blue counter. Seriously? Yeah, I am serious. I really have no idea why anyone would do that! The only answer I can come up with is a Sale at M. Schuetel Freight Sales.
So, Jay and I knew we would need to start with a clean slate. It was complete demolition. It was reported to me (I didnt help with the demolition due to my back injury) that the demolition was SUPER! It felt so good to destroy that bathroom that my husband and I had come to hate. The only downside to this was the dust that covered every inch of my home. Even with the bathroom door shut and the window open, it didnt matter. DUST WAS EVERYWHERE.

Human Resources World

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There is so much going on in the HR world right now, I wanted to be a source of information for you! Mainly for the employees of Image Studios, I have added a list of websites that I find helpful. If you are from another company and also find this information helpful, I invite you to dig in!

The website I want to highlight today is the "" website. On this site you can check your claim status and history, review your benefit information, compare in-network and out of network costs, use the Pharmacy Online, and even participate in a Health Improvement Plan, not to mention the many other items that I have found to be useful on this site.

I invite you to check it out, with the costs of Health Care on the rise, get yourself more informed!
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