Completed Bathroom Photos

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ok, I finally have found the time to publish these photos. I have been enjoying this new bathroom since the last weekend in April. Isn't it lovely? I think my husband did a STELLER job. We did have a little help, just to make things move along a bit faster, we hired a friend to hang the drywall and then to "Skip Trowel" over that. Everything else Jay did on his own. I love being married to a handyman! (The only problem is that I come up with projects faster than he can complete them!)
The color in the photos is a bit deceiving, its a chocolate brown (I told you I can't take pictures!). One of my favorite parts of this bathroom is the detailed tiling above the sink. If you look closely, you can see a thin strip of different colored tiling there. The dark pieces are actually brown glass.
I also really like the Barn Star. My husband once told me that the only place we will have a Barn Star in our house is under the bed. HE found this at the craft store across the street from the waterpark in the Dells. I guess I won that arguement!
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